Extinguishing Aerosol Generators FIRE ACTION

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Extinguishing Aerosol Generators FIRE ACTION

FIRE ACTION extinguishing aerosol generators are fixed or hand-held (optional) fire protection devices that can be used for suppressing fires of classes ABCEF in enclosed spaces. FIRE ACTION generators are the only devices of this type manufactured in Poland, characterised by fast and simple installation with no need to adapt the protected areas (e.g. by installation of the pressure
relief flaps) or use complex systems.

FIREACTION generators are a state-of-the-art fire control solution that is increasingly used as an alternative to sprinkler, CO2, foam, powder and gas systems. Generators are used to protect facilities including: industrial plants, utility/power generation rooms, storage rooms, telephone exchanges, archives, cable shafts, transformer stations, garages, boiler rooms, server rooms and many others.

The main advantages of FIRE ACTION generators

  • efficient in extinguishing flammable liquids and solids passing into liquids, solid substances burning without glowing,
  • can be used in rooms equipped with electric devices and wiring systems, including server rooms, PBXs.
  • they don’t destroy property in the places being extinguished and the aerosol is easy removable from any surfaces,
  • they don’t require any complex tubing, water and pressure tanks, separated compartments (rooms) intended for extinguishing system devices.
  • can be controlled by any existing fire detection system,
  • have an attractive price,
  • they are easy to install and provide low operating costs
  • conform to the latest fire protection regulations,
  • provide an alternative to halon – safe for humans, animals and evironmentally and ozone-layer friendly – they don’t reduce the concentration of oxygen in the room below permissible minimum, non-toxic, they don’t irritate either mucous membranes or epidermis, they don’t destroy property and are easy removable from any surfaces.

GGA-35St and GGA-11St Extinguishing Aerosol Generators Modern FIREACTION Fire Suppression Technology EN Download