Fire Alarm Transmission System STAP 2009

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Fire Alarm Transmission System STAP 2009

Fire alarms transmission system STAP2009 has been developed for the purpose of monitoring of fire alarms and fault signals generated in the local fire alarm reporting systems with direct communication of second degree alarms to the State Fire Service dispatcher, according to provisions of Regulation of the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Administration of 27 April 2007 and the Polish Standard PN-EN 54-21.

To transmit signals from the supervised premises, the STAP 2009 system uses two independent transmission paths, each ensuring two-way communications with receipt confirmation. The primary transmission path is the radio path using the VHF band (150 – 172 MHz). Due to the frequency range of the radio path, the DN-1 transmitter comes in two versions: for the VHF-L band (150 – 160MHz) and for the VHF-H band (160-172MHz). The secondary (backup) transmission path of the DN-1 transmitter is a system using switched lines in the PSTN public telecommunications network.

NSMAP receiving stations, depending on programmable configuration, can be used as Fire Alarm Receiving Stations (SOAP) or Fault Signals Receiving Stations (SOSU). The stations have a built-in GSM/GPRS modem that is used as a service link for the remote setup of working parameters of the station, editing objects (adding, deleting, changing the configuration), and for remote updating of NSMAP firmware.

NSMAP stations have a built-in information display and service panel (SPI) in the form of a text LCD display with backlight and a keyboard. The NSMAP station is designed to work with other Information Display Systems, including the decision support system SWD ABACUS used by the Polish Fire Service, and the operator’s management system PALLADION and a touch panel with Panel NSMAP software (remote, local control panel). NSMAP station has a built-in backup power supply (battery) ensuring continued operation for at least 0.5 hours after a 230V power supply loss. The NSMAP station is designed for installation in a 19’’ rack or as a standalone device installed directly at the units of the Polish Fire Service.

Central control of NSMAP stations, including defining objects in the system, setting up the operating parameters of DN-1 transmitters and NSMAP receiving stations, monitoring their work and continuity of operation of the whole system, takes place from the level of the management application of the System Operator’s Monitoring Centre (CMOS). In addition, each STAP2009 system device can be set up and monitored via a dedicated service application.

The STAP2009 system has an EC Certificate of Conformity awarded by the Building Research Institute (ITB), and a Fire Protection Approval Certificate awarded by Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection (CNBOP).

STAP 2009

The STAP 2009 system includes

  • DN-1 transmitters for fire alarm and status signalling to receiving stations (SOAP and SOSU);
  • NSMAP receiving stations:
    • configured to receive fire alarms, installed in the State Fire Service units and used for receiving signals from DN-1 fire alarm transmitters;
    • configured to receive fault signals, installed in the Monitoring Centres of Monitoring System Operator;
  • System management support software for System Operators.

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