KP-2BS Access Controller

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KP-2BS Access Controller

The KP-2BS access controller is the base link of the access control subsystem within the ULISSES Integrated Security System. When combined with the IPS network security system concentrator, this controller enables building a reliable and secure system for managing the security of distributed facilities, creating the PALLADION global Security Management System.

Depending on configuration, the KP-2BS controller provides complete support for a single passage (with both single, and double leaf door), or one-way support for two independent passages. This controller supports typical elements of passage control and security, such as access control readers, electromagnetic door lock, electric strike, door opening buttons and door open sensors. Operation with a wide range of Wiegand standard readers, like code keyboards, proximity card readers (including those compliant with the commonly used UNIQUE and MIFARE standards), and biometric readers, allows the access control system installed to be easily adapted to the user’s requirements for security level, convenience of use, functionality and aesthetics.

Other operating parameters of a passage, such as bolt release duration, allowable time of door opening, time zone, holidays and non-working days calendar, etc. are defined similarly. The configuration of a passage can thus be easily adapted to individual needs of the system and the preferences of the user. In the access control system built with the KP-2BS controllers, every user can be identified based on his/her individual PIN code of length up to 8 digits, card number (or a biometric characteristics), or both identifiers simultaneously. Typically, the KP-2BS controller stores locally a local database of active cards and PIN codes of users, with their corresponding access rights. This database is updated by the ULISSES/PALLADION system server on a regular basis and is used for both accelerating the response of the system to card engagement or PIN code entry by a user, as well as for securing proper operation of the system in the event of a failure of the central unit, or a network outage. In such case, the decision for releasing the solenoid bolt is based on the last copy of the database. As a standard, the capacity of the database amounts to 4,096 users. This local database can also be fed from an external computer, without connecting the KP-2BS controller to the ULISSES/PALLADION system. In such situation, the
passage operates in stand-alone mode.

Installation, configuration and management of the KP-2BS controllers operating in stand-alone mode is supported by the KPView service program. It allows for configuring the passage (available types include: one-way passage, two-way passage, mantrap-type passage, special passage with coincidence, passage with the work time recording function), testing the RS485 link parameters, reading current states of inputs and outputs of the controller, programming the user database, defining time zones, as well as reading event history.

Kontroler przejscia KP-2BS

The KP-2BS access controller is a programmable device. Its mode of operation depends on the configuration defined. The list of available functions includes

  • one-way control of two passages;
  • two-way control of one passage;
  • lock passage control;
  • control of special passages, where door opening occurs after proper identification of two users or with a defined delay;
  • controlling the Intrusion and hold-up system;
  • signalling entry under duress;
  • time and attendance system terminal (i.e. work time recording).

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