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The ULISSES Integrated Security Management System is used for comprehensive management and monitoring of operation
of the entire technical infrastructure of security and automation systems operating within one building or a close complex of buildings.
The system provides full integration of devices from individual subsystems, such as an intrusion and hold-up system, an access
control system, a fire alarm system, etc., connecting these systems into one logical piece. For all elements, the system provides
uniform visualisation and storage of related event information, and also performs management of these elements. The primary
purpose of the Ulisses system is to provide an effective support for security service or administration personnel at the facility,
by creating a complete presentation of the facility security state within the accepted security plans and procedures.

The Ulisses system has been developed based on the analysis of real-world needs of Customers, such as banks, large industrial
facilities, military facilities, retail facilities, as well as enterprises and public administration units. These facilities must have their
security state monitored continuously, which requires maintaining the security systems fully operational, including uninterrupted
monitoring of the continuity of their operation. The manufacturer of the ULISSES system provides continuous support within the
area of both service monitoring, and the regular development of the system related to the emergence of new security products
and technologies.

Examples of application

  • protection of the military and industrial complexes;
  • protection of the large public buildings, computing centres, shopping centres, bank facilities;
  • protection of other facilities of high security requirements, i.e. water companies, power utility companies, chemical facilities,
    factories, etc.

Basic tasks

  • Integrating building security systems in order to provide a uniform presentation of incoming signals and facility states.
  • Supporting decision making processes, coordination of actions and monitoring of situation by ensuring quick availability of comprehensive situational picture.
  • Increasing safety and functionality of the facility by providing interactions between systems subject to integration.
  • Providing full supervision of systems in a facility with a clear graphical interface and equipment control functions.
  • Providing dedicated, functional administration workstations.
  • Delivering uniform tools for administering and controlling systems in a facility.
  • Automatic creation of event documentation, as well as reporting and analysis of events based on data collected in the system.

System features

  • High reliability provided through the redundancy of base elements of the system, i.e. database servers, application servers and other elements of infrastructure.
  • Broad capabilities of expansion: connecting new types of equipment, integration with devices and systems already installed at a facility, new functionality in accordance with the user’s requirements.

Integrated building security and automation systems

  • Intrusion and hold-up system;
  • Access control system (ACS);
  • Vertical transport system (elevators);
  • Closed-circuit television (CCTV);
  • Fire alarm system (FAS);
  • Ventilation and air conditioning system (VAC);
  • Lighting system;
  • Other building automation systems.

Cooperation with other systems

  • ERP systems – SAP R/3 (advanced resource management);
  • Time and attendance systems;
  • HR and payroll systems;
  • Other.

Remote access modules

  • SMS service;
  • WWW service;
  • E-mail service.

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