Unmanned Vehicles

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Unmanned vehicles perform their tasks without human interaction, navigating specified routes and avoiding obstacles on their own. They are characterized by easy operation and full flexibility owing to various options dedicated to specific applications.

The design of STEKOP SA base platforms enables their quick adaptation to new tasks which are performed using the installed accessories. Thanks to the use of advanced technical solutions, we can find a solution for almost all possible applications.

Unmanned vehicles can carry out autonomous missions of various complexity, starting with simple tasks in teleoperation mode to complicated tasks that require detecting obstacles and analysing the surroundings to assess passability.

Our robots have been designed for objectives such as terrain observation, determining the quality of the environment, transporting minor loads, protecting the health and life of rescuers, monitoring, conducting research work, and detecting threats.

The advantages of using unmanned vehicles include reduced operating costs, improved employee safety and shorter work or operation implementation time. Thanks to the elimination of human error, it is possible to take actions faster and more efficiently than in the case of actions requiring the involvement of people. Additional sensors and accessories used in platforms increase their suitability for different services.

The product range of Stekop S.A. includes the ELEVATE multi-task platform and the TARVOS CARGO S90 Autonomous Patrol Vehicle.