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ELEVATE is a multi-task, robotized wheel platform weighing approximately 32 kg, capable of transporting equipment weighing up to 60 kg (the total weight of the platform and equipment is approx. 92 kg). The base platform consists of an air-tight self-supporting structure resting on four non-steerable wheels.

Each of the wheels is powered with a 150W electric motor, equipped with planetary gears. A differential control model was applied.

The maximum wheel platform speed is 2 m/s.

The working time of an unloaded platform is approx. 7h of continuous driving and 36h in standby mode. Of course, the working time is reduced when the platform is loaded, both with weight, as well as electric load.

The basic set includes an analogue camera (PAL/NTSC 700TVL HD) with a vision system transmitter: 5.8 GHz Mini TX 600mW (40-channels) and a vision system receiver: OTG UVC Video Down link VR Android 5.8 GHz.

Body dimensions: 678 mm x 655 mm x 250 mm.

Wheel diameter: 350 mm.

Clearance: 140 mm.

Wheel base: 420 mm.

The base platform was designed to quickly adapt to new tasks, which it will be able to perform using the installed accessories. The introduced power supply channels allow for quick adaptation to a wide range of military, automation and robotics equipment.