GPRS alarm transmitter NG1

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GPRS alarm transmitter NG1

The GPRS transmitter is a device providing two-way transmission of alarm signals from local Intrusion and Hold-up Systems to the Monitoring Centre. The device features high stability of operation, as well as fast and simple installation, which results in one of the shortest times of installation and start-up among comparable devices available on the market.

Due to its small average consumption of power (equivalent to 2 typical alarm sensors), the GPRS transmitter is well suited for being powered from the 12 V power supply of a control panel and for installing it in control panel enclosures. The transmitter is delivered in a small, plastic enclosure that can be freely placed within a control panel enclosure, or installed in any place, using adhesive tape. This plastic enclosure effectively limits the risk of random shortcircuits with other electrical circuits of the control panel. After having been removed from the enclosure, the transmitter board can be installed inside the control unit, using 4 typical assembly fasteners (pins). The layout and spacing of the respective openings in the transmitter board matches typical enclosures of control panels. The long cable of the GSM/GPRS antenna enables it to be installed in any desired place.

The transmitter is connected to the Local Alarm System using dedicated binary-state inputs. A change of state on each input is transmitted and recorded in the Monitoring Centre. The transmitter is connected to the relays or the OC outputs of the control panel. Each input of the transmitter has individually programmable event codes and can work in bistable or monostable mode.

Transmitter parameters can be configured locally over RS232, using a service program, remotely by an operator from the Monitoring Centre, or by the installer, using a smartphone. The service application for an Android smartphone can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. A change of transmitter configuration is recorded and transmitted to the Monitoring Centre. The smartphone application allows for performing full service, including the readout of the current state of the transmitter and all events recorded by the Monitoring Centre.

The GPRS transmitter is suited for being powered directly from the buffer battery of the control panel. The power supply circuitry of the transmitter is equipped with a short-circuit protection and a battery overdischarge protection. The battery discharge state is reported to the Monitoring Centre.

The transmitter can be configured for communicating with two Monitoring Centres: the primary and the secondary one. In the case of a failure of communication with the primary Monitoring Centre, the transmitter is automatically switched over to the secondary Monitoring Centre. Operation with two Monitoring Centres improves the effectiveness of delivering information about threat situations.

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