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28 Apr 2022
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The protection market is abundant in process solutions that enable maximizing the usefulness of security systems in various facilities. One of such groups of solutions includes integrated security systems. They are based on innovative software that combines all installed devices within a single security building or facility. What is its operation based on? Which buildings are integrated security systems best for?

Integrated facility security management

Modern facility security management involves continuous operational monitoring of the entire technical infrastructure associated with security and I&C systems within its premises. An integrated security system is a valuable solution, particularly in the case of an issue associated with protecting a building with a large usable area or a building complex. Combining the system within the facility into one coherent security management system increases the protection degree and streamlines the facility’s operation. This solution is primarily dedicated to all companies and institutions that require special protection, such as banks, military, warehouse and industrial facilities, hospitals, public administration offices, as well as power, chemical and water distribution plants. Integrated security systems can also be used in shopping malls, recreation facilities, hotels, and office buildings.

Which security systems can be integrated?

Each of the aforementioned facilities has systems and installations protecting against the intrusion of unauthorized persons and other unwanted events, e.g., fire. An integrated security system enables managing them all using one app. Below is a short list of systems that can be integrated:

– monitoring system (CCTV),

– hold-up system,

– intrusion detection system,

– access control system,

– fire alarm system.

Certain software enables integrating additional automated systems, such as lighting, heating, air-conditioning or lift system.